About Multitec

Form and Function

Engineering driven

Multitec employs a dedicated team of design engineers who constantly innovate and develop new designs.

With every product, we innovate to a higher level of efficient and more productive machine design. Constant feedback from our customers and service engineers provides us critical information on improving accuracy and maintaining better engineering standards.

Through a focussed service approach, Multitec has been able to build a committed support network for its presses.

The Manufacturing Process

A unique perspective

Building a machine at Multitec has always been much more than meeting production goals and passing inspection tests. Every Multitec product must be ready to perform in the real world before it leaves the shop floor.

The quest for perfection is a part of the ongoing dedication of everyone involved in the fabrication of Multitec products – from the in house employees to the outside vendors and the presale and after sale associates.

Attention paid to proper fit and functional engineering produces a consistent product that delivers realiable performance year after year.

Quality Assurance

Value is in the details

Before leaving the factory, every Multitec product is subject to thorough testing including a minimum of 24 hours of running time while in assembly. Quality assurance follows each individual part from its raw material stage through subsequent processes until it finally becomes a certified component of being a part of a sub assembly. Static and operational testing continues until the sub assemblies are added to the main assemblies and the main assemblies are fitted onto the machine.

Each machine is properly documented for part lists, service manuals, drive parameters and other information before it leaves the factory. This information is archived for future reference.